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Cinematic Universe is a fortnightly comic book movie podcast brought to you by host Joe Cunningham, and comics experts Seb Patrick and James Hunt. Each episode will look at the latest in comic book and superhero movie and TV news before launching into an in-depth discussion of one film or show.

Feb 16, 2017

We have a very special guest on this week's show, as Emmy Hunt (aged 3) gives us her opinion on The Lego Batman Movie. Hopefully it goes down better with you lot than her father's opinion on Mask of the Phantasm did. In addition to discussing (in spoilerific fashion) the first comic book movie release of 2017, meanwhile, we also take some time out of the news section to give our early thoughts on Legion - as, in an increasingly rare occurrence, we actually all watched the first episode of something in the week that it aired! We won't see the likes of these days again.