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Cinematic Universe is a fortnightly comic book movie podcast brought to you by host Joe Cunningham, and comics experts Seb Patrick and James Hunt. Each episode will look at the latest in comic book and superhero movie and TV news before launching into an in-depth discussion of one film or show.

Nov 22, 2017

We unite our very own League, as Joe and James discuss Zack Snyder (and Joss Whedon)'s long-awaited DCEU team-up movie: Justice League. Yes, that's right, we said Joe and James - not Seb. Seb is definitely not on this podcast. We've left him out of all the pre-publicity, so of course he's not on the episode, even though he was present for the recording session. If he's on the episode, we'd have said he was on the episode, right?

00:00 - Intro/Explain a Concept
09:40 - Spoiler-Free Discussion
25:37 - Spoiler-Filled Discussion
110:31 - Recommendations
117:48 - The Pitch