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Cinematic Universe is a fortnightly comic book movie podcast brought to you by host Joe Cunningham, and comics experts Seb Patrick and James Hunt. Each episode will look at the latest in comic book and superhero movie and TV news before launching into an in-depth discussion of one film or show.

May 20, 2018

The first Deadpool movie was a surprise in just about every sense - from the fact that it was actually pretty good, to the fact that it went on to be phenomenally successful. So does the sequel stand any chance whatsoever of also springing any surprises? Spoilers: actually, yeah. Join Joe, Seb and James for our run through the latest chapter in a series that takes the piss out of comic book movies so much yet might actually be the most comic booky movie series ever to exist.

As usual with a new release, we give our spoiler-free reactions for a quarter of an hour or so before then doing a much deeper dive into the nitty gritty. And while there's no news section this week, we have also taken the time for a brief word about Superman star Margot Kidder, who sadly passed away last week at the age of 69.

00:00 - Intro / Margot Kidder tribute
10:58 - Spoiler-Free Discussion
27:46 - Spoiler-Filled Discussion
131:19 - Recommendations / The Pitch